Warner should work with government

regionalwarnerpartyPORT OF SPAIN — Local Government Minister Dr Surujrattan Rambachan says it’s sad that re-elected Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner does not want to work with the People’s Partnership Government.

Rambachan was speaking with reporters during an Emancipation Day parade and cultural rally in his Tabaquite constituency yesterday.

Asked to comment on the PP’s crushing defeat in Monday’s by-election by Warner, who won by a landslide under his newly-formed Independent Liberal Party (ILP), Rambachan said: “The people have spoken and we accept that.”

Warner received 12,642 votes to United National Congress candidate Khadijah Ameen’s 5,129 in Monday’s election. Several PP coalition members, including Congress of the People leader Prakash Ramadhar, have since called for an urgent meeting to discuss the heavy defeat and how the PP would respond.

Yesterday, however, Rambachan, who is also the Works and Infrastructure Minister, said there was nothing to recover from.

“What it is we have to do is to build our constituency, listen to the people and see what it is we need to do in order to make them happy,” he said. “I don’t think the people are against the UNC. I think the people want a higher level of representation and maybe what we have to do, while we have done hundreds and hundreds of projects, we have not communicated fully to the people the extent of work that we have done.”

Asked if the PP was willing to work with Warner, he said: “Mr. Warner has said in the last two days that he is no longer prepared to work with the People’s Partnership.

“That is a sad thing because he promised the people of Felicity and Chaguanas West that he was going to go and apply to the Partnership and so on and now he has defined his territory, which excludes the PP.”

Addressing the issue of joining with the PP on his official Facebook page yesterday, Warner said: “There is not much hope. An analysis of what the People’s Partnership has morphed into suggests to us that the only common ground we share is that we are both in opposition to the PNM, but that is all.

“Based on what is being practised by the People’s Partnership today, our visions for Trinidad and Tobago are different from theirs; our missions are miles apart.” (Guardian)

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