Successful martial arts seminar

Kempo team (left to right) Sean Mottley, Winfield Russell, Calvin Ifill, Everton Hinds, Jesse Manegdeg, Chetwyn Medford and Anderson Beckles.

The Barbados kempo karate team led by Everton Hinds, assistant professor 8th degree, attended the Universal Aloha Spirit Martial Arts Seminar in Las Vegas from June 28 to July 1 and it was a huge success for the local martial artists.

The seminar was hosted by Martin T. Buell, grandmaster and founder 11th degree black belt, and saw the attendance of the following states – Hawaii, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee and Washington, alone with of course, Barbados.

Seminar participants numbered approximately 325 with six of

them being Barbadians. The seminar allowed all participants to share their knowledge, cultures, strategies, skills and ideas in the martial arts. Seminar participants also witnessed a very rare event on the opening evening which was the advancement of 13 of the top Universal Kempo Karate leaders to the rank of professor 9th degree.

Anderson Beckles, 42, and Calvin A. Ifill, 35, of the Barbados contingent, were tested and promoted to the ranks of assistant chief instructor 4th degree and senior chief instructor 7th degree black belt, respectively.

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