Bahamas issues travel advisory for Miami

NASSAU — The Bahamas government has warned nationals travelling to the United States to be careful about their possession as they embark upon shopping expeditions in the North American country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this “is the traditional season for Bahamians to shop before back-to-school and while shopping may not be paying particular attention to their documents and possessions.

“We are asking them to take particular care because of reports of opportunistic theft of Bahamian passports and travel documents through break-ins in cars in the parking lots of shopping malls. We are advising all Bahamians travelling in the Miami area to be aware of their surroundings. Be sure that you are not followed.”

Most importantly, nationals are being urged “not come out of cars if you are bumped at traffic lights” and that placing passports and other important documents in glove compartments and the trunks of your cars is strongly discouraged”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged all citizens to contact the Bahamas consulate in Miami if their documents are stolen.

The government also warns that Bahamians could be charged with grand auto theft, if they are unable to return their rented vehicles within the stipulated time on the contract. (Observer)

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