We will survive

Some visitors viewing some of the items on display.
Some visitors viewing some of the items on display.

With the breathtaking view of the shimmering Atlantic Ocean in the background, vendors along the popular Bathsheba coast remain determined to continue their trade despite the slow business period.

When the Barbados TODAY team visited today, those plying their trade could have been mistaken for picnickers as their general demeanor was not one indicating hustle and bustle.

Jackie Greaves of New Beginnings, who displayed an array of bracelets, chains and beach towels, said that things were now slow but she was persistent in “trying a thing”.

“The tourist season just passed and I must give God thanks because I made some money yesterday and the season will pick up next couple of months. If the tourist do not come there will be nothing for us, the dog dead,” she said.

Greaves added that she learnt her trade from her brothers at the age of 10 year, but doubted if she would teach it to her children because of the other interests that capture the imagination of “the younger”.

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