Volney resigns from UNC

regionalherbertvolneyPORT OF SPAIN — St. Joseph Member of Parliament Herbert Volney yesterday resigned from the United National Congress “with immediate effect”.

Volney, who was fired over the Section 34 fiasco last September, said the prime minister’s concession speech after Monday night’s by-election was the “final insult”.

“The final insult of the political leader insinuating that I was not in her 26 or 27 members underscored the need to sever ties where I am no longer recognised for my contribution and where I have become unwelcome,” Volney said.

“I understood that to be a message to me that the prime minister and political leader has no interest in keeping me in the fold of her government,” he said in the letter.

The three-page letter was submitted to UNC’s general secretary Dave Tancoo and copied to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and UNC’s acting chairman Khadijah Ameen.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Volney, who at the time was writing the letter, said he knew instinctively that those statements were directed to him.

“Everyone knows that she was referring to Jack Warner and me. It was one of many insults I have had to endure in this relationship over the years,” Volney said.

Volney said he had every intention of joining with the Independent Liberal Party and Warner but needed to “sever ties” with the UNC first. He said he was waiting to see Warner party’s ideology and would continue talking with his constituents but already there was an overwhelming call for St. Joseph to move from UNC to ILP.

“I feel uplifted today. I feel a sense of relief for the country and for the people of Chaguanas West who have become so brave, it gives the country a sense of hope,” Volney said regarding Warner’s win.

He said he was at a friend’s home watching Warner’s victory speech and saw the crowd’s reaction to him.

“You get the sense that the people see Warner as a political messiah,” he said.

This, he said, was in direct contradiction to the voters’ reaction to the People’s Partnership. (Express)

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