This is the life!

summerfunthisisthelifeUnder the shady trees along the East Coast picnickers opted to chill at the popular Bathsheba, St. Joseph beach with the smell of sea salt in the air and sound of the gurgling waters, enjoying every bit of the summer vacation.

One set of those picnicking were the campers of the Trinity Sports and Creative Arts Camp of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church. Camp Director Graceon Belgrave said that the four-week camp includes steel pan, drama and sign language, along with sports such as cricket, football and netball.

“We also have the one o’clock club on board, which is comprised of retired persons and they make rag mats and play cards, dominoes and knit. Each week the children will go on a tour — most definitely we will go to the zoo, and here we are at Bathsheba. The children are really enjoying it,” an excited Belgrave said.

Further down the beach near “The Rock”, at the Murrell and Cooks family picnic, Shad Parris and his fiance Sharita Brewster were busily trying to get the broken pieces of a cobbler’s spines (black sea urchins) out of Parris’ heel.

“As I was about to take the children into the water this thing pricked me but it is not hurting me that much,” Parris said.

Brewster said that she was not really sure what it is as she used a pin to dig into her fiance’s flesh.

She explained that they normally planned family picnics and similar outings during the summer. (MR)

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