Ready for the road

LC Ravurs are ready to revel on the road this year despite the financial hiccups.

When a Barbados TODAY team stopped by the band house, located in the lobby of Olympus Theaters (Expo) this morning, six people were busy working on the costumes getting them ready for Grand Kadooment, next Monday, August 5.

Public Relations Officer, Marlene Wilson, said they were looking at 200 revellers to play mas’ in the five sections of the Movies in Crop Over.

“Initially things started a bit slow but then it picked up significantly and it has been going very well, we cannot complain at this point in time. The five sections we have this year are; Battleship, Bacardi Avatar, Bond, Digicel 4G Pirates, Batman, Cat Woman and Rio combined. Avatar is the fastest selling section it is going really well then the Digicel 4G,” Wilson said.

Registration started out a bit slow but the PRO of the six -year-old band said three to four weeks after they opened, registration picked up.

“After Sunday, registration just started going through the roof you know some people like to wait until the last minute to register so some who are registering now – sizes might be a problem. … Money is really tight with people this year. More people are asking about specials and discounts and a lot of people are registering and then calling back and saying that things are too tight this year,” she added.

They have also reduced prices on some of the costumes.

The biggest challenge the PRO explained though, was trying to pull everything together because potential revellers register at the last minute and she said that they have to find a suitable section to put them in.

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