Market ready

cropover2013stallsforbridgetownmarketAs Barbadians prepare for the last lap of Crop-Over, several vendors were busy erecting their stalls this afternoon on Spring Garden Highway for what is expected to be a throng of people over the weekend.

The water lines were going in, the stage was being erected and the stalls in the craft villahe were being given a touch up.

There was no food or drink on sale at the venue which is also the final destination for Grand Kadooment bands, but workmen who were hammering, painting and sawing to make sure the stalls were properly erected.

But not everyone was happy.

One vendor, who declined to give her name, was complaining bitterly that the NCF was making it even harder for her.

She was adamant she should not have to pay $550 to be squeezed on to the sidewalk.

“Why is it that others on the opposite side of the road got a bigger space and are paying the same amount? If I had other people I would go to the NCF but because I am a Guyanese I feel they might have something against me plus I might not get a permit next year. I would not even mind if they charge $200 additionally but not $350,” she lamented.

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