Uk visitor joins over-25 club

Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith

Exactly one decade after Barbados gained its independence from the United Kingdom, a 20-something year old Bruce Smith made his first trip to the island’s shores.

Now, at a gratifying 66 years of age, Smith still returns to the island he visited so many decades ago, making himself at home at the Tamarind Resort on the West Coast.

Smith’s affinity for the ocean has compelled him go out on several fishing trips off the island, something which he was gearing up to do just shortly after he was inducted into the Barbados Tourism Authority’s 25 Visits and Over Club at Champers Restaurant.

During the session, Smith colourfully shared his several escapades over the years, including times spent at rum shops across the island, seeing the foundation work of several established and now defunct hotels including Glitter Bay and eating fresh fish and other delicacies the island has to offer.

Fond memories of Barbadians he holds dearly were also the talk of the day, the most notable being his dear friend Rupert Chandler, who Smith explained sadly passed away a little more than five years ago.

Smith explained that Chandler had planted two almond trees in his honour, but at the cost of progress, both trees were uprooted to make way for structural development. Luckily, Smith was barely able to salvage a part of one of the two trees, which now hangs in his home back in Cambridge, England.

At the end of the day, Smith admitted that his travels have decreased due to other commitments and the hectic nature of his everyday duties, but nonetheless, he holds Barbados very near and dear to his heart.

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