Olive Blossom docked at UWI

Olive Blossom on display at UWI library.
Olive Blossom on display at UWI library.

An important piece of Barbados’ historiography is now docked at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus’ main Library in the form of a replica of one of the first English ships that hit these shores in 1625.

The Olive Blossom, which was crafted by Kurtis Norville, is a NIFCA award winning entry which gained gold and the Marjorie Blackman Award for Excellence in Craft in 2010.

The presentation of the piece was today made in the university’s library after the donation of funds to underwrite the acquisition of the Olive Blossom.

Campus Librarian Elizabeth Watson said that the boat was crafted by an inmate of the Dodds Prison arts programme.

“Its historical significance to Barbados is what makes it such

an important acquisition. It means that students who are doing history apart from the aesthetic value have something which is of historical importance, which is one of the reasons why we are trying to grow the collection,” she explained.

Watson told Barbados TODAY that two other pieces were acquired this year with the aid of sponsorship of award winning work done by inmates.

“This being our 50th Anniversary of the campus, it is important for us to add these kinds of things to our collection because art is a part of any university, particularly its library. Apart from the aesthetics and making the environment nice, it also adds educational and mental stimulation to students and lets them see beyond the printed work,” she added. (MR)

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