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'Branckers' Camp site 2013
‘Branckers’ Camp site 2013

The sun is still shining and the winds are still cooling but the tents are gone along with the administration, kitchen, medical and activities centres/tents.

The Brancker’s Campsite at Rockfield, St. Lucy, home of the 95th anniversary International camp has been returned to a peaceful slumber after a hectic eight days of events and activities. But as promised, here are the final two days of IC 2013.

My last note to you was Day 6 and as noted before the girls were having fun in the sub-camps.

DAY 6: The choices were many and caused campers and leaders to make some tough decisions. Zip Lining and Gully Hike, Segway Tour, Caving- Cove Cave and Caving- Tram Tour @ Harrison and Gully Hike. Cove Cave proved daunting for some, but like good Girl Guides and with encouraging assistance from the tour guides, they persevered and completed the tour.

Then it was onto Bathsheba for lunch. This was not a full day activity, because back at camp the co-ordinators were preparing for the craft workshops which were followed by dinner and torchlight camp songs.

Torchlight yes, the wind factor was too high for the traditional campfire, so as good girl guides an alternative was found and everyone had a great time singing ‘guide’ songs. Representatives of the Northern Scout troop visited the site and also participated in the singing.

DAY 7: Little Bay and Cove Bay were the respective destinations of the early morning hikes. It was an invigorating morning for everyone. Day 7 also included a “spa session” where campers participated in one of five workshops — Nails, Hair Care, Skin Care, Style and Makeup. This was nice and relaxing. Unfortunately this was also the end of our ‘camp activities’ as preparations got on the way for the Closing Ceremony in the evening.

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful ocean, the programme told the story of Barbados from discovery to present day, using story teller Norma Walcott past Guide Commissioner and noted Barbadian actress. Dance was the main medium used to bring imagery to the storyteller’s words.

The Closing Ceremony was also the stage used to showcase the sub camps’ presentations on their chosen Millennium Development Goal. Dressed in their camp colours, each group used skits, song and spoken word to highlight the issues confronting girls and women in their selected area from health to education. The audience responded to each presentation and the messages were well received.

Chief Commissioner Ruth Parris received gifts of appreciation from the attending nations during the ceremony and the evening ended with the song ‘One Voice’ lead by a beautiful Girl Guide songstress and her Guider Rev. Mary Graham from Cayman. It was a beautiful ending to a wonderful camping week.

DAY 8. While camp had officially ended, “camp” still had its housekeeping to do and so the next morning campers were up packing and moving their bags to the open tent and striking their tents.

Our Caribbean sisters started to leave, Cayman first to arrive were the first to leave and sad farewells were said by the Barbadian campers as each contingent left the site. By late afternoon just a few campers were left with Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines heading off to Pax Hill before going to respective homes or to the airport for the next day flight.

IC 2013 will be remembered by all for many reasons but most of all for the friendships made that will last for a life time. There are many photos that capture the week and the memories that the campers and leaders will never forget.

Guiding Star will share as many as possible. Note that photos of 95th anniversary International Camp 2013 can also be seen on

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