Another exit needed

warrensindustrialestatetrafficsnarlPeople working in Warrens Industrial Estate, St. Michael are appealing to Government authorities to build a secondary entrance and exit to the area.

Investigations by Barbados TODAY following persistent complaint found that the scores of employees and employers leaving work every day, experience frustration due to a “serious” back up of traffic at the new roundabout near One Accord Plaza.

“Every day there is a backup. And we need to know why we can’t get another exit, especially seeing this is an industrial park,” a female driver caught in the gridlock told this newspaper.

“This is the first and last time I coming up in here,” another driver visiting the area declared.

“Traffic is usually snaked around the Youth Service (office),” said a driver who works in the estate and was one of those in the long line of vehicles heading out.

“The problem with traffic is that the back up is up front near the top of the gap,” an office worker at the office of the Barbados Youth Service told this paper.

Some people have observed that the traffic woes could be avoided if there was another way out.

roundaboutnotworking“People have no choice but to go in the same direction towards the roundabout in order to get out of the industrial estate. But if there was another route out it would assist the situation significantly,” one observer suggested.

“Almost every evening, employees are forced to sit in long lines of traffic trying to reach the roundabout at the top of the gap, since the gap is [the only way in and out],” an employee informed this paper.

“Also in this gap is the Department of Emergency Management, First Caribbean International Bank, Rotherley Construction, Ocean Fisheries and the Financial Services Commission,” she pointed out.

Recalling an occasion a few months ago, the informant remembered taking 45 minutes to reach the area of the roundabout while leaving work one evening.

“Maybe someone would hear us and build an alternative road to assist. God forbid, if there is an emergency and we need to get out,” argued the Warrens Industrial Estate worker. (EJ)

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  1. One2Work July 31, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    Before any other solutions are investigated try moving the bus stops which are right next to the roundabouts. Those are a major contribution to the chaos.


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