Toppled speaker injures woman

ST JOHN’S — A female reveller in the LIME Dynamics Mas Troupe may have no choice but to sit out on the Sweet Misbehavin’ for the remaining of the Carnival festivities after a freak accident during Saturday’s opening parade left her nursing an injured ankle.

The woman was among three people injured when one of the speakers from a hi-fi system fell from the truck and hit them.

The incident reportedly occurred around 4:40 p.m. while the troupe was moving along Redcliffe Street.

Dynamics Mas’ Troupe leader Erna-Mae Tonge-Braithwaite said the incident was the first of its kind for the troupe and she’s happy it wasn’t worse.

“Things could have been worse but we’re glad they aren’t. The ambulance got there very quickly despite the traffic and crowd and I was amazed. One of our security personnel went on the ambulance to the hospital with the injured and later in the evening I went to see them,” Tonge-Brathwaite said.

She reported that one woman’s ankle was fractured as a result of the accident, another complained of feeling sore on the head, while her son (Tonge-Braithwaite’s) suffered mild bruising on one of his arms.

All three victims, she said, were treated and discharged the same day.

Meantime, the carnival committee responsible for road parades has re-issued a number of guidelines to ensure the safety of revellers during the parades.

It is mandated that no one, apart from security workers, should be on top of trucks. They have also specified that ropes separating spectators from masqueraders and used to keep mas players in line, must be three quarters of an inch thick.

Additionally, truck drivers have been asked to barricade the sides and wheels of their trucks among other rules. (Antigua Observer)

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