Tips on good management

You column Speaking Out is a most appropriate medium through which your readers can express views on what is currently taking place in our small and fragile economy going through the throes of a worldwide economic recession.

Chris de Caires has hit the nail directly on the head. As one of our leading management executives, he has spoken out and has highlighted some of the shortcomings of management personnel that should have been addressed many decades ago.

There is a list of functions managers should undertake that result in an efficient, productive and profitable organisation.

To underscore and re-emphasize some of what de Caires has said: there is no reason why a good accountant, clerk, engineer or truck driver should be elevated to the position of supervisor or manager simply because he is good at what he does.

There were and are too many (such) persons propelled into supervisory and management positions who lack the skills, training and competence necessary to perform at the required level. In fact, it can be said that a number of managers on the local scene are promoted to “their level of incompetence” where the cream rises until it sours as posited by Laurence J Peter.

Any supervisory or management person who allows a workforce to grown inefficient, lazy and unproductive is himself inefficient, lazy and unproductive.

— Michael Ray

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  1. Tony Webster August 3, 2013 at 10:56 am

    Touché, again! The irony- as well as more than a dab of reality- is that the ultimate power – both to exercise authority and to bring about change- rests with the “will of the people”. Should the private sector get directly involved in our body politic?
    Or Plus ca change…?


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