Slow sales

[At Left] Donna Clarke and Charika Pilgrim of Rika’s displaying the food that they had on sale.
[At Left] Donna Clarke and Charika Pilgrim of Rika’s displaying the food that they had on sale.
The massive crowd at yesterday’s Soca Royale did not equal to large sales for food vendors.

Most of them who spoke to Barbados TODAY after the Sweet Soca competition was in full swing, reported slow or non existent sales.

Cinderella said sarcastically that she was “very happy” with her sales and displayed the variety of food she and her business partner prepared which was still untouched along with a cooler full of cold drinks.

The loss that they incurred has deterred her from wanting to continue selling next year.

“I will drink my own drinks and eat my own food,” she stated.

Jacqueline Burke who spoke to the team about 30 minutes into the first competition said that sales were slow for most of the day did mention that they should pick up for the remainder of the day.

“Last year was better at this time than this year. I find that the crowd is coming in later so hopefully it will pick up. Also because of the economic down turn people are trying to save and are bringing in their own food and drinks,” she said. Nadia Ellis of Three Queens Delight, who was very enthusiastic to speak to this newspaper, stated that things were slow but they were picking up and noted she was not discouraged. This was first year selling at the St. Philip venue and she plans to return for next year’s Soca Royale.

Owner of Lana’s Wings and Tings, Maria Wiggins, said that things were not going too good for her.

“This is not like last year. I have not even made half of what I paid for this stall but you know what keeps me coming back? Because I love sales,” she said.

Donna Broomes and Shelly Headley of S and H Variety said that the morning was really slow for them although Broomes noted, “this year is better than last year because people are spending more with us than they were last year.”

Big G’s Enterprises, which was set up to the left of the stage had lots of patrons coming and going, but vendor of the stall Austin Yearwood said that things were slow compared to past year. Describing her sales as “just moderate” she said she found that in past years, they were much better.

“At this time in the evening you would have a lot of food being sold so we are just waiting to see how the evening would go because of this economic crisis people are not spending as much as they normally would have. People are cutting back significantly but I will be back because Crop-Over is my thing. Man I just love Crop-Over! Once I have health and strength in my body I will be back again next year in the name of the Lord,” Yearwood said. michronrobinson@barbadostoday. bb

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