Red Plastic Bag happy with performance

cropover2013rpbwavesTen-time calypso monarch of Barbados, Red Plastic Bag says he went into the Sweet Soca Competition at Bushy Park last night, feeling freer than he has ever been.

“When I came here today, I came freer than I ever was (in this competition), because I came here saying to myself, Bag, you don’t have anything to lose or to prove in this competition. You come here and enjoy yourself… I had a good time out there,” said Bag, who placed third in the Sweet Soca contest with 453 points.

He said he observed some competitors extending their songs beyond six minutes, but that his was finished in about five.

“Cause I figure there was a time to get it done as tight as possible and that is what I did. I am quite happy with my performance here today,” he added. Bag told Barbados TODAY, he was all about performing a song.

“The people responded really well. I came here all about song. I believe that if you come in this competition, and you have a half decent song, as they say, it should be able to move the audience. And it should not be down to the commands that you make; but your song is suppose to move the audience naturally; I saw great movement with my song on stage,” declared the former Sweet Soca Monarch.

Turning his attention to the Pic-o-De-Crop competition, RPB, who is not defending his crown this year, thought the standard was quite high. He was particularly happy with the two young finalists – Sir Ruel and Aziza – adding that this augured well for the future of calypso.

He said though that radio stations needed to play more social commentary.

“The powerful stations, the FM stations that attract young people, don’t really play social commentary,” RPB noted. “We are not getting a lot of young people, as many as we would like getting involved in social commentary. But I believe strongly, that the National Cultural Foundation is doing a great job in going around to schools and getting the junior involved, and that in my opinion, is good.”

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