Problems in the party

Prakash Ramadhar (centre).
Prakash Ramadhar (centre).

PORT OF SPAIN — Three executive members of the Congress of the People have claimed they were deliberately banned from a meeting of the party which took place yesterday.

A release from the members said the omission of COP’s Kirt Sinnette, Rudy Hanamji and Kishore Ramadhar from the meeting “is nothing short of an expulsion of the movers who are duly elected officers of the COP”. Ramadhar (K) is brother of political leader Prakash.

They described the meeting “as nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt to buy votes and exert undue pressure on members of the national council to go against the motions Resurrection Motion and the Notice to Quit”.

In the past, Sinnette has called for the party to “quit the People’s Partnership and return to the partnership with the people”.

Yesterday’s letter also said exclusion of a constituency of one of the “movers” is “tantamount to excommunicating that constituency from the rest of the party”.

It also queried the funding for yesterday’s function, which took place at Kampo Restaurant, Chaguanas. It was described by the political leader as having been held to recognise workers of the party.

Ramadhar, speaking to reporters following the function, admitted the three were not invited, but said expulsion was never discussed yesterday.

He said, “This is the political leader’s invitation to the workers of this party who had stood with this party from inception and onwards, not all of whom are invited here today because of limited resources and so to really deal with a lot of the political issues that occupy Trinidad and Tobago today…

“We wanted to have open dialogue, not to be overshadowed by some of the issues that they (the three members) have created which have nothing but a distracting value to the work of the COP… It is a matter of almost hysterical reaction to foolishness that they engage.”

Ramadhar said issues including the Chaguanas West by-election, local government and the way forward for the party were discussed yesterday.

Chairman of the party Carolyn Seepersd-Bachan also said expulsion was not part of the discussions. She insisted the function was not a national council meeting.

Sinnette and Hanamji attended the function although they were not invited. (Express)

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