History, trials and triumphs

cropover2013folkconcertlandshipThe House of Landship was a fitting tribute to the 150 year-old Barbados Landship.

In song and dance, the two-act folk play written and directed Winston Farrell, brought to life the history, trials, and triumphs, of the Barbadian cultural treasure and explored “the present state of affairs existing within the Landship Bimshire, the last remaining Landship on the island”.

“The plot revolves around Amelda, (Amanda Cumberbatch) the only daughter of the ailing commander. She is struggling to keep the ‘Movement’ afloat as the ship seems destined to sink. Amelda must confront a crew who is demanding change while also dealing with the challenges of raising two teenage children and a long lost uncle who has returned from England, looking to reclaim his property on which the Landship ‘Dock’ now stands”.

The director noted that the play was “about leadership and family, … about ordinary people trying to manage/survive their changing environment”.

The Crop-Over Folk Concert was held last Friday, which was observed as the Day of National Significance, at the Frank Collymore Hall.

The cast comprised: Varia Williams, Neil Waithe, Russell Watson, John Hunte, Angelo Lascelles, Kevin Hinds, Shana Hinds, Carolyn Brathwaite, Rene Blackman, Levi King, Jahdiel Lazare, Wendell Thomas, Angela Weithers, and Kenneth Lewis.

The dancers and chorus comprised Michael Taitt, Shakira Forde, Rashida Harding, Radigria Babb and Thania Lynch. Afi Farrell, was the stage manager. (DS)

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