Double victory

cropover2013sokakartelAnderson Blood Armstrong has attributed planning and execution to his historic double victory at the fourth Soca Royale before a massive crowd at Bushy Park in St. Philip last night.

Blood, doing Ah Can’t Wait won the Sweet Soca Competition with 473 points and then shared the Party Monarch crown as part of the Soka Kartel duo with Mikey. Soka Kartel, the group, accumulated 416 Party Monarch points,

hanks to their performance of Roll It. In that same contest, Mikey also placed second with 374 points.

“Basically for me it was planning; making sure that I execute and plan properly, ust get in there and do it; making sure I get enough rest that I could be in fine voice; yuh know, just stick to the plan,” Blood told Barbados TODAY minutes after receiving his total prizes valued at nearly $99,000.

Blood and Mikey have not yet decided what they will do with the car which they won as Soka Kartel.

Blood said he focussed on delegating responsibilities to ensure that everything came together for a successful and effective group performance.

“I give Mikey the (leeway) to do certain things, especially with me trying to plan Pic-o-De-Crop and what’s not; he planned the presentation for Party Monarch; I planned mine,” Blood explained. He said they ensured the arrangements were correct, “and it all came together.”

cropover2013sokakarteldoubleThe Sweet Soca king and Party Monarch said they would now seek to ensure that things were in place for he and Mikey to take advantage of their gigs for the rest of the season, and later embark on their overseas touring.

“I always thinking of next year. As soon as I finish recording for this year, I start preparing for the next year,” he added.

In a separate interview with Mikey on a noisy stage, he too, identified “lots of planning” as the key to last night’s major success.

“A lot of planning and preparation and trust… a lot of trust. Blood left the presentation of Party Monarch up to me, so he could focus on Sweet Soca and Pic-o-De-Crop coming up,” declared Mikey, who successfully defended his Party Monarch title.

He thanked God and the entire management team for contributing to his victory.

“The whole team unit worked perfectly on this (Party Monarch contest). We got to thank God. I went church this morning (Sunday) and it all paid off,” he asserted. The 2013 Party Monarch champion said he has already started planning for next year’s festival season. He conceded that the team worked very hard at rehearsals leading up to the Soca Royale event.

“Before we get on stage, it is rehearsals, so that when I get on stage, I don’t have to worry about anything, I just perform. So it’s constant rehearsals, constant rehearsals. In fact, we were up three o’clock this morning (Sunday) practising. We just got to make sure that everything is on point, so that when we get on stage, we don’t have to worry about anything, just focus and deliver,” Mikey told this paper.


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