Bushy Park bins better utilised

bushyparkgarbageThe thousands of patrons who attended this year’s Soca Royale show at Bushy Park last night, the Sanitation Service Authority reports, have demonstrated an improvement in the way they used the many garbage bins at the location. An official of the SSA told Barbados TODAY this evening that less refuse had so far been collected from the ground, when compared to the previous year.

“To date, just under 300 bags of garbage was collected. This is a vast improvement from the public in using the bins. So far, we would have collected more on the ground, if the bins were not used properly,” the official noted.

He said that on the day of the event, in excess of 150 bags of litter were retrieved and today another 100 bags.

“Collection will continue over the next two days. More garbage is expected to be found when the stages are removed,” added the SSA official. (EJ)

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