Biggie shows riddim in his waist

cropover2013biggieiriewaistSweet Soca second prize winner, Biggie Irie, says he has to “up his game” when it comes to performing at competitions in the annual Crop-Over Festival.

Commenting on his performance at the end of his Sweet Soca Competition presentation at Bushy Park, St. Philip last night, Biggie acknowledged having to change his normal routine of “just standing and singing,” and illustrate his song Need Ah Riddim.

“The word on the street is that I’m a singer, but I don’t perform. So, I had to do something, and the song is all about wining and riddim in de waist … I had to prove to the people, I got riddim in de waist,” he reasoned. Asked if people would continue to “see more riddim in his waist” from now on, he responded: ”Maybe in competition. As far as performing is concerned, maybe in competition I will up the game. I gotta do it, because when Crop-Over is finished, I going to Suriname and Brazil… and they’re a wining country, so I gotta show them this Bajan boy could wine too.”

He was also of the view that this year the sweet soca was of the highest quality.

“I think that we had some real good sweet soca songs this year. The sweet soca music is out weighing the fast songs; I mean, that’s Barbados, that’s the route we should go. I think the fast songs are too fast and they don’t last after Kadooment Day; very few of them do,” concluded the former Groovy Soca king of the world.

Biggie argued that the only artists who perform their party songs after the festival were Soka Kartel and Edwin. “And you would find when these guys tour, the

majority of their music is sweet soca, groovy songs, ragga soca songs. So that’s where we have to go. There is no country in the world, that produces ragga soca music better than us; and that’s what is going to take Barbados forward,” submitted Biggie Irie.

With respect to his performance during last night’s Sweet Soca contest, he admitted feeling good.

“Everything went according to plan. At first, I thought the music in the monitors was a bit loud, but… it is my experience when that happens, I tend to step forward and listen to outside (speakers); my ears got accustomed to it and I just sang. I think that overall I did a good show,” noted the calypsonian.

Biggie Irie said Need Ah Riddim was being played “all over.”

“The second week that it was released, I got a call from somebody in Qatar, asking me if I was available for Christmas Day, because of that song. Look at Nah Goin Home. Nah Goin Home was the only song from anywhere to win any thing in Trinidad; Trinidad is the home of soca music,” the popular entertainer stated. He listed other “groovy” songs by artists such as Edwin and Alison Hinds as the ones which were taking Barbados places.

Biggie disclosed that he has already accepted the offer to perform in Qatar. He hopes it would be confirmed by September.

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  1. lynda July 31, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    lol, he need to drop some more pounds…maybe then we will see the riddim, because i havent seen any..

  2. lynda July 31, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    that outfit sucks


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