Back to Vinyl solution

Normally we use new forms of technology to replace older types and versions of things, but how about using new tech to bring life to something that is all but forgotten?

That’s what one German dance label has done. The problem is that big time producers and companies are sent thousands of demos and in a variety of forms of digital media, none is so low as the CD-R — a cheaply made discoloured piece of plastic with no keepsake value or intrinsic check-me-out-ness.

So despite the possibility of your material being good actually good, it probably ends up in the garbage. So how do you get your CD-R or MP-3 to stand out and be heard?

The answer is quite simple and quite brilliant actually. Don’t send your music on them, not with the birth of a new marketing campaign called “Back to Vinyl: the Office Turntable”.

Problem number two? Not everyone has a turntable at their desk.

Here is where it starts to get exciting, the LP arrives in stark white package that folds out into a 2-D “record player” printed with a QR code. After you download the app, simply line up your phone and a virtual needle will pop up on your screen hovering over the record and just like that it’s the 1980s all over again.

Even though the source of the music is all digital, the controls mimic those of an actual old school turntable, move the “needle” on your smartphone and it skips forward in the song — brilliant. The sleek design doesn’t take away from the old school look but still somehow gives it a somewhat futuristic look, almost like the turntable commander Warf would whip out right before tearing up the club on the Starship Enterprise.

As a promotional method, it’s certainly getting the job done. Kontor Records reports indicate that just around 71 per cent of the 900 mailed out were activated, which apparently is 64 per cent more than they are used to. One can only assume this is in comparison to MP3 downloads or streams as they can’t exactly track the use of the CD-Rs mailed.

This is the perfect marriage of old and new school technology, and a way to really get noticed. Check out the video for a more hands-on view of the project in action. Seeing this tends to make you wonder, how else we can use new and old technologies together in such a way as make it stand out and make it better than before. Think about it and let me know what you come up with.

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