Charged for murder

Just 24 hours after the killing of a nursing home workers, police have charged someone with the death.

He is 29 year of David Anthony Ricardo Jones of Platinum Heights, Christ Church with the murder of 41 year old Denise Clarke of Ellerton, St. George.

Clarke, who worked as a care-giver at the Bromswood Retirement Home at Two Mile Hill, St. Michael, was found dead by a co-worker after 5 o’clock yesterday morning in the front area of the same home. Reports said it appeared she was stabbed to death.

Jones, an apprentice carpenter, is expected to appear in court tomorrow to answer the charge. (EJ)

One Response to Charged for murder

  1. Richard July 27, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    Hi are we sure the barbados police have caught the right person.

    After they tried to frame Mr Crawford for the rape of the british tourist.I wonder how many innocent people are in dodds right now because they have been framed by these so called clowns who call themselves police.


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