Africans are coming to film movie

beautyofcameroonA 33-member African contingent will arrive in Barbados on July 30 to film the movie Tanku, which will feature Cameroonian as well as some local talent for cast and crew.

They also expect to showcase masquerading during this Crop-Over season.

The Cameroonians are excited to experience Barbados and share some of their culture with the public and will be visiting summer camps, organising a football match, as well as having a Cameroon Day event at Naniki on August 31.

Along with these event they will be joining in the Crop-Over festivities by showcasing craft, food and clothing at Bridgetown Market, and will be present on the road masquerading at Grand Kadooment.

The West African group, from the northern village of Bamenda, will be creating the independent film through financing of award winning film producer, Fongu Nicholas Niba, of Fongs production. The group will be hosted by Persuaders Cultural Club, and the events facilitated by president Denis Ward and his team.

An open casting call will be held soon.

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