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This woman seemed tickled by the women wearing costumes.
This woman seemed tickled by the women wearing costumes.

It was a festive atmosphere at the Grantley Adams International Airport this afternoon.

Women in costumes as well as music of the season greeted people arriving at the Christ Church port.

It is all in an effort to boost the numbers of revellers, including tourists, jumping in registered bands for Grand Kadooment.

The partnership between the Grantley Adams International Airport and the National Cultural Foundation, is in its first year and four bands had registered as part of the agreement, Corporate Communications Specialist of the G.A.I.A Keith Goddard told Barbados TODAY.

He said that they at the airport every year generally try to welcome Barbadians and visitors to Crop Over. He stated that unfortunately due to the recession, the challenge of finances is there and noted that as an airport they will still try to do their part.

“This year we are partnering with a number of Crop Over bands and one of the things that the bands have said to us was that they are not getting a lot of people in terms of jumping in the Crop-Over bands as in the past. So what we are doing this year is that we are going to partner with a number of bands to assist them in growing those numbers for Crop Over. Outside of that it gives us an opportunity to showcase to visitors and people coming home to see what the costumes are like and to also sign up right away,” he stated.

The Crop-Over music of the day was also provided Goddard said as the management at the Airport that also did their part as a national entity in promoting the festival.

“Inside of the Arrivals Terminal we have a number of mannequins dressed in costume and from the airside we have partnered with the NCF in providing the messages of jingles. That will be complemented with the costume bands in the area so that they would know what the colour and spectacle would look like on the road,” he said.

Goddard added that the visitors arriving will have the opportunity to register for a six-day period.

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