Tips for healthy hair

lovingmehairitizIt’s is Crop-Over and with several activities going on, you always want to mke sure your hair looks good.

Danisha Herbert-Dyal from Hair It Iz By Dee’s provided some basic tips for the season.

She said that those women wearing Remy hair and jumping for Foreday Mornin’ or Grand Kadooment, should be careful not to get any liquid – water or alcohol- in it. If you do wash it as soon as you get home.

Here’s what she recommended:

* Keep your scalp clean, wash your hair bi-weekly to monthly.

* Co-wash weekly.

* Apply a leave in conditioner.

* Moisturize hair daily with a light moisturizer (ends are crucial).

* Seal your hair with a natural oil.

* Massage scalp daily without or with a natural oil for 5 min.

* Deep condition and or do hot oil treatments weekly or bi-weekly.

* Protein treatments once every 6 weeks.

* Eliminate or use as little heat as possible.

* Low Hair Manipulation; Wear protective styles.

* Wrap, twist, braid, roller set or loose ponytail your hair for bed.

* Sleep with a silk / satin scarf or bonnet.

You can check out her Facebook page, Hair It Iz by Dee’s, for more tips or for general information. (DS)

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