Straughn a great loss to Barbados

johnboyceprofileThe death of former parliamentarian and longstanding social activist, Glenroy Straughn, is a significant lost to Barbados. Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly John Boyce said the Straughn’s example was worthy of emulation.

The Christ Church MP was leading tributes to the former St. Joseph representative in the Lower House. “In Glenroy Straughn, Barbados has lost a very great community contributor, a politician, a teacher and his example, Sir, is worth copying by so many of us today,” he said.

“His quiet dignity about what he did is to be admired and even in the aggressive days of the heights of the black power movement in Barbados he still went about his business in an ordered way as he sought to address so many of these issues.

“The example which he left, Sir, is one which we as a nation can be proud of and as we continue to reflect on the contributions of our parliamentarians we continue to say with one voice that Barbados … has been well served by the contributions of these great men and women,” he added. The Minister of Transport and Works noted that all of Straughn’s life “was spent in the interest of working for the down trodden, the alienated or those most in need”, including his advocacy for road safety and other important causes.

Straughn’s career in community work is an almost endless chapter in his life. Along with being involved in road safety … he was also a member of the Citizens Against Narcotics, again an organisation working with our young people to try to instill in them those values which are so important, Sir, if we are to continue to build a nation Barbados that we are so proud of,” Boyce stated.

“He was a member of the Caribbean Association of Therapists and Helpers, again indicating … the minute detail with which his work had now become associated.

“In other words, he was interested in making sure that those important areas of comfort and of leadership that were required n our communities, no matter how trivially they may have been viewed by many, he was prepared to go out there and champion them.” (SC)

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