NUPW gives NSC board a month to respond

The National Union of Public Workers has given the board of the National Sports Council until this month-end to respond to the appeals of coaches Milton Small and Jacqueline Browne-McConney.

This was revealed today at a meeting chaired by NUPW Acting General Secretary Roslyn Smith and senior industrial relations officer Delcia Burke at the NSC’s My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael headquarters. The union held the meeting with concerned staffers after the two were dismissed from their posts following a matter involving work assignments. Initially, the two coaches were reportedly to be suspended for three months but then the NSC board made a decision to fire them.

They had 14 days to appeal that decision, which was done, but so far there has been no word from the board.

Today Smith told workers that disciplinary procedures set out in the agreement between the NSC and the workers had not been adhered to and there would be consultation on this with the board.

She warned workers that statutory agencies such as the NSC would be the first to be targeted in any government cuts and urged workers to be vigilant and ensure that their rights were not trampled, while giving of their best to their employer.

During the meeting issues related to supersession and promotions were also raised by concerned staffers.

Small, a former shop steward and Barbados and West Indies fast bowler was at the meeting but Browne-McConney, a former national netballer was not present. (WG)

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