No need for friction

Ricky Nurse speaking while Jackie Marshall-Clarke, Cranston Browne and Roberts Manufacturing Jason Sambrano listens.
Ricky Nurse speaking while Jackie Marshall-Clarke, Cranston Browne and Roberts Manufacturing Jason Sambrano listens.

Grand Kadooment and Foreday Mornin’ can coexist without the friction.

In fact, CEO of the National Cultural Foundation Cranston Browne made this assertion today as he promised that the former would remain the main costumed event of the Crop-Over Festival.

Foreday Mornin’ had grown from a few bands in 1995 when it started, to 35 with about 8,000 people in 2012, and now 21,000-plus people in 44 bands this year, said the CEO at the launch of the Roberts Manufacturing Foreday Mornin’ and Bridgetown Market.

“This grow spurt will not hamper that of Grand Kadooment, which remains our marquis event for the masquerade segment of the festival, in the climax of the festival, and we cannot lose sight of that. We maintain that there is room for both events to grow within the festival.

“Foreday Mornin’ is not and will not be the pretty mas, as we call it, with the feathers, beads and sometimes intricately designed costumes. We will make sure that that does not happen,” he pledged.

Even with the many variations in Foreday costumes, Browne contended that the event had remained “true to its roots” with mud, paint and other elements, and with the NCF’s rules and guidelines, that was where it would remain.

There were people who played mas in both events, he maintained, while others chose one event or the other to participate in the revelry of Crop-Over.

“Regardless, as is with similar events in our Caribbean diaspora, they can coexist in a successful festival.”

This year’s Roberts Manufacturing Foreday Mornin’ mas will see the introduction of party zones through sponsors Banks and Stag, while Barbados Light & Power will supplement lighting along the route with the addition of a $20,000 donation of some 20 towers from BTI car park to Spring Garden.

The provision of additional lights, said BL&P’s Jackie Marshall Clarke was an easy decision on their part and they had already made checks to ensure the standard streetlights were working on the day.

Producer of Foreday Mornin’ George Nicholson said the party zones would enable the revellers to gather in a safe environment, where they would be the only ones allowed in the areas.

The party zones were created out of concern expressed by bandleaders that they needed a safe and secure environment for their patrons to gather. The zones – Banks zone at BTI and Stag zone at Carlisle Car Park – will have music, drinks and other amenities.

He said security would be especially tight, with spectators only allowed at Heroes Square and pass BTI and along Spring Garden Highway, while all other areas would be off limits on August 2. This was because in the past there were instances where crowd congestion had slowed the progress of bands onto Spring Garden.

Additionally, he said that they had reintroduced the Stag Jam Tune. It was an element Stag representative Ricky Nurse of Brydens/Stokes said was their way of contributing to the efforts of artists.

“This is a season of creative expression. It is a season that is defined beyond just the music and the consumption side of it, but also the creativity that we have in this island,” said Nurse, adding that they had seen a more focussed approach to each of the Crop-Over events this year.

“We are in our second year this year [of the Stag Jam Tune]. It is a way that we can also contribute to the creativity of the artists and we felt that the artists were putting a lot of effort into creating vibes that could be associated with a number of different aspects of the festival. Obviously the growth that we see in Foreday Mornin’, we felt the need to reward those artists for that creativity,” he said.

Banks Beer representative Charles Walcott said they too were excited to be associated with Foreday Mornin’ and the festival in general. (LB)

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