Lynch keeps growing

lynchlobbyimageBorn 154 years ago of the entrepreneurial dreams of James A. Lynch, Lynch Insurance Brokers, is one of the longstanding pillars of Barbados’ insurance industry.

Lynch continues to embrace its future on the firm foundations of its legacy. Despite the economic challenges today, Lynch’s mission is to solve risk problems for its clientele and as such inherently recognises that where there is risk, there is opportunity.

The company moves on several new initiatives to serve its clientele and help them manage emerging business risks in the current economic climate. One area of need for the company was an upgraded work space for its employees and to enhance service to their client base. Lynch is now opening the doors to its Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall location this August.

Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Rose, said: “Throughout the years, Lynch Insurance has faced many challenges. Not only have we survived the challenges that each decade has presented us, but we acknowledge that the reason for our continued growth is our dedicated colleagues who have evolved with our clients, innovating with new product and service ideas to help overcome the hurdles of the times.”

Lynch was at the forefront developing hurricane insurance products and sugar cane insurance to meet the island’s needs at the time. Lynch today is expanding its advisory services to assist clients in managing some of the financial and strategic risks that are a greater concern and impediment to growth than the typically insurable risks.

By leveraging their association with Marsh Ltd., the world’s largest risk and insurance advisory firm, Lynch is uniquely positioned in this market to bring broad range of risk advisory services and industry experts to address each client’s specific need.

“We want to partner with our clients for our mutual success. It is important that we support one another in the face of these testing times,” Rose added.

New and emerging risks continue to evolve as markets and businesses develop globally, Rose said she strongly believes that the immediate future will see a shift from the traditional role of the insurance broker to a holistic enterprise-wide advisory approach to help their clients become more competitive.

The move to the new offices at Sky Mall supports the company’s growth ambitions and provides the right environment to expand on service delivery requirements to clients’ locally, regionally and internationally.

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