Jamaican footballer tests positive

KINGSTON — While Jamaica is still trying to come to grips with the recent positive drug tests in the ‘A’ samples of five of the country’s track and field athletes, the ball has been passed to another sport.

Last night the Jamaica Football Federation confirmed via a media release that a national player was positive for a banned substance following tests that were carried out during the Honduras World Cup qualifying football match on June 11.

Football’s world governing body, FIFA, conducted the tests and the JFF was notified by the governing body’s chief medical officer on Tuesday.

The ensuing process will now be managed by FIFA, with the player having already been informed.

The release further read: “The JFF has taken this matter very seriously and a thorough investigation has already started by the chairman of the JFF medical committee (Guyan Arscott).”

The JFF release did not name the player who failed the doping test and Arscott and JFF president captain Horace Burrell declined as well.

Arscott revealed that an investigation was being carried out by the medical committee, but refused to speak further on the matter.

“We are still investigating the whole matter, but we are going to be making some more comments as more unfolds,” Arscott said.

President of the JFF, Captain Horace Burrell, did shed some more light on the issue, as he prays that the player in question – who is reportedly one of the country’s top midfielders but did not actually play in the June 11 game – will be exonerated.

“I think there are extenuating circumstances, because the player in question did not even play in the game,” Burrell shared. “It is a sensitive matter and we have to try and protect the player and everybody, but I hope that things will work out in a way where it won’t affect him.

“If you want to play, but you have some pain and you are sick and a doctor gives you something to help you, nobody can hold you responsible,” Burrell pointed out.

Today that player was identified as Jermaine Hue.

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