If I met Jesus…

If I were to meet Jesus today, I must confess that all I would be offering Him is my fullest attention. If He came to my house I would not be hustling to tidy up anything. I going just say come in and I getting comfortable.

Recently I have been reflecting on the story of Martha and Mary and I have persons siding with one or the other and then the average undecided Christian going along with both, just to be on the safe side.

I even threw it out to my congregation and if you heard the things they were willing to do for Jesus it had me wondering if the “recession” done.

But straight up I must say I would play the part of Mary. I would sit at the Master’s feet like a sponge and soak up as much as possible of what He has to say. I will be recording and taking dictation like I am back at Leacock’s Private School in the Farm Road, because when Jesus gone, I will be in a position to say ‘He tell me’, ‘He say’ and I saying it with authority.

The story of Martha and Mary is the story of Christianity; it is a story in many regards about life.

Mary was captivated with Jesus and what He was saying. Her attention was on Jesus, she was listening.

But this brought the bitter complaint from her sister. And I get the impression that Martha was somewhat upset with Jesus too. “You don’t care that she has left me to do all the work?”

Martha didn’t give her the look or call her aside and reprimand her — she complained openly and included the guess.

We have too many Marthas in the church, and the work place and the homes, persons whose focus is spot on but zoomed on the back rather than the foreground.

In our churches there are too many focussing too much of their time and energy on church work instead of God’s work. I see it as futile when we raise money to buy a bus, build a church hall or refurbish the building if these things will not be used to the glory of God.

Just like Martha, it is good that we do these things, but when the hall is built and the community not invited in, when the church is refurbished but still a place where some are not welcome, I think we have wasted time.

There are too many of us plagued with the Martha Syndrome. When you really think about it, what can you offer a man who created everything? What do we have that Jesus wants?

I am not speaking for Him, but I feel safe in saying He is not interested in our possessions, but us. It is not about what we can hold in our hands but what we hold in our hearts.

There are lots of people who seemingly do the right thing but their hearts are not in the right place when they do it.

God wants us, with contrite hearts He desires us. So we can preach all we want, pray all we want and sing like larks; if the desire of our heart is sin we are wasting time.

Mary didn’t just sit at Jesus’ feet, she did something we seldom do — she listened. While he sister was rushing around busy with preparing food for a man you turned water into wine, had the power to change stones into bread, a man credited with the feeding of 5,000 men as well as women and children, Mary took time to listen to God.

How many of us still do that?

Not to be flippant, this scenario reminds me of the nursery rhyme Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat where have where have you been? I’ve been to London to visit the Queen. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, what did you there? I frightened a little mouse under a chair. Wow.

There are too many pussy cats posing as Christians. We have the opportunity just like that cat to be in the presence of royalty but prefer to do the little mundane things. It is time to come from under the chair and work on our ROARRR!

Unless we take time to listen to God, not necessarily the priest or pastor — God. Unless we develop a relationship with God and open the two-way passage needed for conversation we will not know what God is saying to us.

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