Hitting back

I know a lot of people will cuss me, but right now I just don’t care. I find there are too many dishonest and deceitful women in this country and I am tired of being nice and getting hurt.

It seems that women today don’t want kindness or honesty. They want to be able to take, take, take and if you get hurt that is your business. Three time I have shared all that I have, asking for nothing in return but the same kindness and love, but apparently the good boys these days are the bad boys — if they dress scruffy, cuss you out in public, slap you and horn you that is the kind of man you should have.

I am done being nice guy. I will be treating all women the way they have treated me. I have bought a stack of condoms, about 60, and I plan to use every last one between now and the end of Kadooment Day and on as many women as possible.

So be warned! I will be on the prowl at Bushy Park on Sunday. I will be paying for the drinks, but the women will be paying me back… Since they don’t care about me, I don’t care about them neither. I have been hurt enough and now it is my time to spread some pain. I will tell them anything they want to hear to get [what I want] and then I am off to the next.

And I really don’t care what your readers have to say because they were not there when I was being kind and getting just nastiness in return.

Payback Time

Since Yuh (didn’t) Ask, PT, I will just send you a warning in return. Be careful what you sow because you may end up having to eat the fruit! Clearly you are one angry man, and I have to believe that someone has hurt you terribly, but it is never good to repay evil with evil.

Just remember that there may be a few women at Bushy Park with the same intention as you, but what they have to offer may be more deadly that what you are packing. Condoms do break!

Remember too that life does not end with Bushy Park. You just might meet up on one of these women in the future and they may be gunning for you — literally and figuratively. Be careful!

I suggest that with this level of anger it might be in your best interest to seek professional counselling. You problems are deep seated and you are headed for disaster if you take this route.

I suspect too that you are not nearly as experienced in the things of the world as you might believe, given your admission that you have been tricked and used three times in a row. In seeking revenge on persons other than those who hurt you, you might be biting off more than you can chew.

I sincerely hope you survive Crop-Over!

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