Foreday vs jump up day

outragecostumeThe number of Foreday Mornin’ bands on the roads this year seem to be disrupting the numbers of revellers registering for Grand Kadooment bands says one band eader.

Leader of the Grand Kadooment band Ooutraje Trevor Chase today told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that the numbers of his 11 year band have been affected.

”The general trend in the Kadooment area is one where a lot

of the bands are having some number trouble. If I estimate where I am not as compared to previous years we are down like 25 per cent in our numbers and I think the main reason for this is because there is such an upsurge in the number

of J’ouvert bands. They are doing more an injustice than anything else. Another factor is that the sun is probably too hot and the prices for the J’ouvert bands are obviously lower than the Grand Kadooment bands,” he said.

Chase, who said he was involved in the Crop-Over Festival for more than 20 years noted that registration for the band, Wings of A Sanctuary which pays tribute to some of the creatures found at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, was going well but some people were calling in and saying that they no longer wanted the costume.

However, Chase, who is partnering with the Grantley Adams International Airport visitor arrivals immediate registration programme, said he expected a higher number.

The band leader added that sponsorship was always a problem and although other band houses would have fetes and other events to raise funds for their bands he did not do that but he did have one band lime already. (MR)

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