Fitness and soca

lovingmesocaworkoutWhen anyone thinks of a live DJ and a room full of no lights and sweaty people the first thing which comes to mind is a fete.

Although the Lights Out Soca Fitness Session is close in nature to that of a party the aim is totally different.

Fitness instructor and one of the principals of Martial Fitness, Chrispen Hackett said that it really is not the average aerobics class.

“There is a lot of wukking up involved along with, conga lines and limbo. We have decided to have no lights so as to give the participants a level of comfort so that they would not have to worry who is watching,” he said.

Yesterday, there was a session at Deighton Griffith Secondary School which from reports was a good workout.

Hackett, known as the Powerhouse, offers workouts to the “biggest soca hits plus more”. His partner is Richard Jordan.

The class with about 120 participants grew in number over the last two years from when it was small scale with more males participating than females every two months when it is held.

Hackett added that the class usually lasts one hour and a half with lots of gyration for a particular purpose.

He also mentioned that at certain times two give aways will be handed to the audience.

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