Festival fun

kiddiestukbandToday, 48 young revellers showed the adults how to move for Crop-Over.

The group from the Bagatelle Day Nursery held a mini Kadooment at the St. Thomas child care centre this morning, much to the delight of their parents, guardians and care givers.

Lead by the aunties and parents the band of 24 toddlers and 24 babies were all dressed in their hand painted shirts, little paper hats and whistles as they prepared to have a good time. Parents surrounded their children cheering them on and taking lots of photos and recordings.

There was also a Mother Sally, who was accompanied by a band of young drummers.

After a little dancing, the merry makers took their party to the road and through the neighbourhood, escorted by nursery staff who lead the way through the street with her music blaring from a car.

Residents came out of their homes to see what was going on and to cheer on the tots.

The aim of this nursery’s “Kadooment Day” was to embrace the upcoming events of Crop-Over and to allow the children and their parents to have a day of true fun.

The theme, Things That Move, was portrayed as the young ones moved their hips and bobbed their heads from the latest to the earliest of Crop-Over music.

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