Excited for jump

cropover2013deaconsbanddollsThe Piece Pun De Rock Junior Kadooment band hailing from Deacons Primary School has not reached its goal of 150 young revellers this year.

Nevertheless they are still excited to hit the National Stadium on Saturday morning with high hopes and expectations.

Band coordinator, Dawn-Marie Alleyne who spoke to Barbados TODAY yesterday afternoon said that everything was running okay and they were winding down until Saturday.

“This year we are paying tribute to Pelican Village and we are focussing on the actual activities at Pelican Village itself, how it came about in terms of the island off Barbados for a little while and the construction of the Deep Water Harbour and then that piece was able to be joined onto Barbados. The king of the band is the Pelican and the Queen is a Bajan doll,” she said.

Band coordinator Dawn-Marie Alleyne at the band house.
Band coordinator Dawn-Marie Alleyne at the band house.

The band coordinator added that there will be a section called Bajan Dolls which is really a souvenir that the tourist would take back. She stated that they will be looking to capture the HIV award with a person representing a dream catcher who will showcase good dreams and bad dreams.

“You know if you catch AIDS how the dreams would end up so that is how that is actually going to tie in with the actual Pelican Village. We are going to focus on the actual craft now of the mahogany craft and the straw craft so there is a section called Spinning Gold which would be money from wood and straw and we would focus on Ireka Jalani who is the well known basketry artist.”

She also mentioned that the costumed section comprising both boys and girls would replicate pieces of wood and straw.

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