Changes to Junior Kadooment route

Biggie Irie, Edwin and Soka Kartel are among headliners to wind down Saturday’s Junior Kadooment which returns to the National Stadium with a new route.

Coordinator Adisa Andwele told media this afternoon that there were a few changes to the route this year that would see the exclusion of the Tyrol Cot in favour of a jump around the Stadium itself.

“There are two major changes this year in the route, in that the bands when they will be exiting the Stadium, they will no longer be going to Lawrence T [Gay Primary] or Tyrol Cot. They will actually be circling the National Stadium.

“They exit the Jaycees gate, make the right onto Stadium Road, then the right onto Codrington Road down to Combermere junction, make the right onto Bush Hall and the short right back onto Stadium road. Some bands will actually go back to the assembly point between the Netball Stadium and the National Stadium, and some will be going straight and enter the National Stadium via the Stand D gate onto the practice track,” he said.

While Kiddies Kadooment starts at 9 a.m., the other major change, he said was the reintroduction of the “after party”.

“We are reintroducing the after party right after the Junior Kadooment. So the last band should probably pass through the Stadium around 1:30/2p.m. and we will have the after party then from 2:30 p.m. and it is really a show not just for the patron adults, but for the young masqueraders to enjoy themselves after the long march to relax and enjoy themselves,” he said.

Headliners for that party will start with the Hypa Kids, be followed by crooner Biggie Irie, Mr. Dale, the General Edwin, and end with Soka Kartel. He said there would be a number of mascots like Charlie the Crime Stopper, and those of other sponsors one hand for the event to create a fun time for the children.

Andwele said although there were some bands that would have been a part of the festival last year that were not this year, they still had two more bands than before. With those additional bands, he said there should be approximately 2,500 to 3,000 young masqueraders in costume.

Praising the schools programme for continuing to produce bands in conjunction with designers each year, Adwele said he hoped to see the programme get to the point where it would train young people to become designers themselves.

“The schools programme seems to be becoming the centre of Junior Kadooment, which says a lot for the future of mas’ in Barbados, when you get it cemented within the school system itself. Hopefully as time goes on some of the designers could let these young people conceptualise for them what they would like to wear till we get the concept of designing entrenched within them from a young age …

“Hopefully something like that can evolve over time. Maybe some teachers have already started to do it and maybe a lot of the school’s mas can build from there,” he said. (LB)

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