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holyinnocentssenoirsOne Anglican church is taking the fight against Alzheimers literally.

In fact, The Gems of Holy Innocents have formed a group, now 35 members strong, to keep away Alzheimers through rigorous and healthy activities for several weeks at a time.

Lorna Briggs told Barbados TODAY: “This is our way of keeping Alzheimers at bay, to keep our minds and bodies active. You know we have a lot of centenarians in Barbados and we are hoping that our members can reach 100 too.”

Briggs said the church priest, Canon Dr. Winston Layne, was very involved in the Gems activities, and while 35 persons might seem like a lot, they had room for others. It is open to persons over 50 years.

“There are others who have indicated an interest in joining as well. We know of others who want to come, but some of them may still be working and nearing retirement, that kind of thing. But we will welcome them, we have a lot of room,” she said.

The group’s activities started in March this year and today was the last day for this first term, but Briggs said the “classes” would begin again in September.

They begin the mornings with prayers for one hour, followed a move from the church to the resource centre where all the activities take place. The session then involve singing, and Briggs laughed as she admitted “yes we have a theme song”, which she said took them back to school days.

“What we try to do is go back to our school days. We are reliving our school days. So we sing a lot of songs we would have sung while at school, and this session of songs is followed by exercise.”

Sometimes she said the sung while exercising, though at other times the exercise, with stretching and squats and other physical activity is done by itself and followed up with line dancing.

Discussions on current issues and topics, a tea, coffee and juice break with a snack follows and then the group begins plastic canvas craft creation.

Although today was the official last day of class, Briggs said they were planning an excursion to Martins Bay with a picnic on the East Coast in August to cap off the first term. (LB)

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