A call to support

While the island’s main festival organisers say all systems are a go for next week’s Pic-O-De-Crop Finals, several sponsors have called on Bajans to support local and on companies to help push Crop-Over.

Stating that Banks Beer had been supporting the festival for decades now, Brand Manager Bernard Frost praised the quality of the music he had been hearing this year, while asking Bajans to weigh their choices and support local products.

“It’s very important this year, especially in these hard times which I know a lot of artists have been singing about, that we think very carefully about our choices and supporting local is very, very important. Of course Banks is the beer of Barbados and the beer of Pic-O-De-Crop and we play a very active role in the festival in general and have for many years.

“We have lots of Barbadians that work in our brewery and our distribution system and we provide a different form of entertainment … that no other beer can provide,” he said, adding that each day the Bank Holdings brewery produced about 50,000 beers.

The call to support was echoed by LIME’s Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Rachel Pilgrim who this time called on companies to lend their aide to the festival.

Noting that the telecoms company was supporting the festival as well as individual artists this year, Pilgrim urged: “A staple in our sponsorship strategy has been the Crop-Over Festival and our involvement in activities that make up the Crop-Over festival is indicative of our strong support of the festival…

“We encourage other corporate companies to look for ways to constantly keep this festival vibrant, even with the economy in this tough state whether it is through sponsorship of NCF activities or by assisting artistes themselves and their entrepreneurial events which make this festival what it is today. Your support is needed now,” she said.

MQI’s Margaret Hoyte also noted they were doing their part through the provision of a Ford Focus for the winner of the competition, valued at $88,000, with free insurance for a year by Brydens Insurance.

Producer of the event, Adisa Andwele said all systems were go for the event, with the tent already being more than half erected and the calypsonians set to hit the stage next week Friday.

“We are ready big time,” he said, adding that they had met the 10 competitors to finalise contracts on Tuesday and would begin rehearsals for the event from next Monday.

Wednesday will be grand technical and dress rehearsal for both band and calypsonians, said Andwele and security had already done their walk through yesterday. (LB)

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