Tuning up

cropover2013rehersalsnatalieRehearsals for the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Finals got started yesterday at Lester Vaughan School.

The contenders will vie for top positions and a car during Soca Royale which comes off on Sunday at Bushy Park, St. Philip.

The Band is lead by Ryan Blackman.

In the Sweet Soca, those to face monarch Mikey and their positions are as follows:

1. Mr. Dale – Fearless

2. Ian Webster – Moving/Enjoy Yuhself

3. Mikey – Enjoy Meh Life

4. Natahlee – How We Party

5. Timmy – Carnival Story

6. Blood – Ah Can’t Wait

7. RPB – Right Now

8. Biggie Irie – Need Ah Riddim

cropover2013reherslasbagThe positions of appearance for the Party Monarch, against reigning king Mikey, are:

1. Fuhnominon – Soca Army

2. Popsicle – Party Animal

3. Mr. Dale – Fyadup

4. Khiomal – De Recipe

5. Jimmy Dan -The Sound Of Pan

6. Mikey – Ready Again

7. D Slayah – Worldwide Praise

8. Blood – Mo Fiya

9. Trinelle – Full Circle

10. Soka Kartel – Roll It

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