Stepping down

sportsgregoryshillingfordST. JOHN’S — Leeward Islands Cricket Association president Gregory Shillingford will not seek re-election when the organisation hosts its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in December.

His pronouncement comes days following the postponement of the LICA Three-Day Cricket Competition due to financial woes within the individual territories. Shillingford said his main thrust was to complete some projects he had started.

“I think I have served long enough. I don’t think I will be challenging for the presidency again. I have served long enough so I will not be contesting the elections. At this time I am not looking back, I am looking forward. There is still a few months to go and complete a number of things that need to be put in place, priority of which is to concretise that commitment of the government,” Shillingford said.

“I have to go and meet with the Minister of Sports (Winston Williams) to review where we are especially that it has been in the public domain about the postponement of our tournament.

“So the minister wants to understand and determine how his government could have assisted, how the other governments could have assisted, so I am looking forward, not looking back,” he added.

The administrator, who has served as head of LICA for seven years, gave no specific reasons for the decision but said he is satisfied with his tenure and simply just wants to “move on.” Gregory added that although they hadn’t been officially informed, most of the other executive members are aware of his decision.

“I think they must have picked up that perception. Mr (Enoch) Lewis and myself, I have served for six or seven years and Mr Lewis has served longer than me, but Lewis stepped down at the ABCA level and still continues to serve LICA and WICB. So one evaluates one’s contribution, one’s service and you move on after a period of time,” he said.

Last week, LICA postponed its three-day tournament after some countries reportedly experienced financial difficulties, specifically travelling and accommodations cost. Reports are that Anguilla and Nevis had both reported they were unable to finance trips to Montserrat.

“When they computed the cost of going to Montserrat and accommodation and meals in Montserrat, they felt it was prohibitive and they didn’t have the resources to able to undertake that,” Shillingford said.

“They had attempted to resolve this by asking Montserrat to come over to Antigua where it is much cheaper to save two territories from having to travel across to Montserrat, but apparently that wasn’t successful. The territories decided not to travel. So in order not to have any further disruption in the tournament, the executive decided to postpone the tournament.”

LICA has not said when the three-dayer will resume, but Gregory assured the competition would be completed later this year.

Leeward Islands cricket, which have produced the likes of Sir Vivian Richards, Richie Richardson, Andy Roberts, Curtley Ambrose, Ridley Jacobs and Jim Allen, has been in a protracted slump over recent years.

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