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100thchangingoftheguardThis year’s travel market could be an historic one for Barbados if the Garrison Historical Consortium Inc. has its way.

President of the group, James Blades, announced this morning that with the Garrison underground caves still very much in the works, they were hoping to officially open to the public via live stream at the travel market.

Speaking at the 100th Changing of the Sentry at the Main Guard of the Garrison, Blades revealed: “It has been a challenge to get to this point, but we are here. The work in this Garrison is ongoing. I would say that we are finally starting to see some movement.

“We are seeing the Ministry of Tourism get involved in the activity of this area to a much greater degree and we are very, very thankful for that,” he said.

Outlining the activities they have ongoing or coming on stream, Blades said: “Some of the activities that we are currently working on, one of them is a historic tour of the Garrison. It is a tour that actually started on a regular basis in November 2012 and it targeted the cruise ship industry as well as long-stay visitors to Barbados. We had a very good winter season and by looking at the situation it looks like we are going to have a very good 2013/2014 season as well.

“We are also very fortunate to have rediscovered the Garrison tunnels. These tunnels have been the centre of much conversation in Barbados recently and we are hoping that these tunnels will be open officially in November and we are hoping they will be open also via a live stream at World Travel Market in London on Monday, November 4,” he said.

Among the other projects they were working on, said the president, was a five-acre gully system behind George Washington House.

“This gully system is the last of its kind in urban Barbados. We are also working continually with the overall development of George Washington House and one activity in particular which is coming this winter season is … a dinner theatre experience called Dinner with George. That first activity will take place on Monday, December 16 and will run right through the winter season, every Monday until March 31.

“We are working on the development and establishment of a food court up in the area of the Barbados Museum and last but not least, the Changing of the Sentry, which is our hallmark activity. This is the activity that was conceptualised long before even the Garrison Consortium was incorporated in 2006 and it finally became a reality in December 2011,” he said, adding that it was one of the primary focal points of tours into the area.

All of the tours from cruise ships in winter, he said were centred on the Changing of the Sentry, which comprised 15 men in ceremonial dress changing the guard at the Main Guard of the Garrison. (LB)

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