Honour for Straughn

glenroystraughnwithadaGovernment will award Pan Africanist Glenroy Straughn posthumously.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Stephen Lashley announced today that the The Commission for Pan African Affairs would bestow the Honoured Ancestor Award on several other prominent deceased advocates of black enfranchisement received a few years ago.

The Christ Church West Central MP was speaking in the House of Assembly today during tributes to the former St. Joseph representative.

“The late Glenroy Straughn will in fact be officially recognised by the Commission for Pan African Affairs. In fact, he will join the illustrious list of Pan Africanists who made a significant contribution to our national development, but who have passed on,” Lashley said.

Those recognised in 2010 were Dr. Richard Allsopp, Vern El Verno del Congo Best, Timothy Callender, Anthony Cheeseman, John Cumberbatch, Leroy Yearwood, Gordon Ricky Parris, Dr. Ikael Tafari, Earl Warner, Kes Liqua Maemiran Zacharias.

“I believe the commission is planning a ceremony to be held this year in which Mr. Straughn will be recognised and join this list of Barbadians,” the minister said.

“By honouring Mr. Glenroy Straughn as an honored ancestor, the commission is committed to taking forward a number of key programmes, which of course would have been influenced by the contribution of Glenroy Straughn.”

Lashley said the most lasting tribute Barbados could pay to people like Straughn “would be to how we honour their contribution by the works that we continue”.

“And I am very proud to say that with in the context of the worked of the Commission for Pan African Affairs one of those very profound and certainly significant programs which the Commission has embarked upon is to focus on the whole question of identify,” he said.

“But they would have also put in place a programme within our schools where our children are reminded of their ancestry, their identify.”

Calling Straughn an advocate for black enfranchisement and Pan Africanism in Barbados, the Democratic Labour Party spokesman said the former social activist had a multi focussed agenda and look at the many issues which impacted Barbados in his time.

“I think that many of his interventions, both in terms of his role as a social activist and the kind of organisations that he would have been involved in, were informed by large measure of his wider purpose as someone who was interested in the overall well being of Barbadians,” he said.

“It is understandable, Mr. Speaker, that he would have then embraced the marginalised People’s Progressive Movement with its overwhelming Pan African influence.” (SC)

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