Developing basic skills

summerfunvolleyballWhile some children are opting to just enjoy summer for what it is without taking anything too seriously, others in the National Sports Council camp have decided use the six-week exercise to improve in their skills in various disciplines.

Volleyball Coach Andre Culpepper said that the focus for his minors would be to improve and develop their basic skills.

“A lot of the kids would have come from the secondary school competitions and we are trying to improve their skills for the future in order to strengthen their school teams and further, to go on to represent the junior Barbados team. Right now we have two junior teams here training for the upcoming Caribbean championships,” Culpepper said.

The volleyball coach added that the level of talent he was seeing this year was very high, especially from those who played in the school leagues, because the coaches at the schools were working very hard with the young talent.

“The differences that I am seeing as compared to last year is a greater willingness to learn … the game and their skill level is much higher. [However] I think the sport can be promoted at a younger level if others could get involved by training more volleyball teachers, and hopefully it could take off from there,” he stated.

Cricket coach George Linton said that the cricketers this year appear to be more mature although they are very young.

“I think the reason for that is because the guys are going to cricket practice at clubs on Saturdays and they are honing their skills so when they come to us they are really ready and prepared properly. I find that we do not have many players who are doing it for the first time… I would say that we have a better bunch of organised cricketers…,” Linton said.

He said noted too that these years he could think of no challenges they had encountered.

“I want the cricket players to be a lot more disciplined and what they have learned here to continue at home or at the club wherever they go. They must try to continue and practice to better themselves at what they are doing and I mean the proper practice,” Linton said. (MR)

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