Crop-Over through art

cropover2013artexhibitrasileySomething in de Music: The Journey of Calypso in Barbados chronicles the development of calypso.

There is something exciting about the exhibition which features trophies, costumes worn by calypsonians, their musical instruments, records and original sheet music of calypsos – “which have been loaned for the exhibition by some of Barbados’ leading calypsonians”. There is also “a variety of calypsos” for you to hear as you explore what makes a calypso a calypso.

It is more than a look back at where the art form has come from. There is a plethora of information on early calypsonians, The MerryMen, Gabby, Froggy, and the state on calypso today.

The exhibition will end on September 28. (DS)

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