All hands on deck

by Latoya Burnham

buildingtogetherThey say the family that prays together, stays together — but what about one that builds together?

In the case of the Taitt family of Melrose, St. Thomas, that family has a heck of a time creating a legacy for their sons.

The cloud of dust from the back of the “bobcat” driven by 15-year-old Ondr√, and two small boys, Timothy and Micah, speckled with paint but with grins on their faces told the story of an enjoyable summer spent doing what they love — helping mom and dad with their new home in Arthur’s Seat.

As far as head of the household, Fabian Taitt is concerned, the home he, his spouse, Andrea and brother-in-law, Roger, are creating will be their children’s legacy.

He said they began to build their home in 2010, after securing a loan from the bank, and they’ve been working along gradually to get the house to the point where they hope they can move in soon.

So far this summer, they have spent the time selecting paints for the sons’ bedrooms and trying to push the work along, said Fabian, who is a contractor by profession.

“Building it ourselves was de only way it could come about,” said the friendly man of few words.

He said the house was about 3,200 quare feet and they were building it in phases, with the first phase being the completion of the main house, and phase two the basement, which they were still making final decisions about.

allhandsondeckPhase one has five bedrooms, a family room upstairs and one downstairs along with kitchen, two bathrooms and other amenities.

When it comes to the bedrooms, seven-year-old Micah grinned widely. His blue bedroom is a matter of pride for the youth because he got to choose his colour scheme; as did Timothy, whose room is complementing shades of green, and Ondr√, whose cream bedroom is not yet fully painted.

The other son, Nathan, is only two years old, but nevertheless in the minds of his parents as they continue to labour on their home.

“I work in the construction field. But we borrowed the money from the bank, 80 per cent of it and it was going to be direct labour so we are putting in the labour.”

Given that the construction industry is slow right now, Fabian said that made it easier to spend more time on the house than they would have been able to before.

“The economy slow so we are not as busy as before,” he said, though he laughed when asked about a completion date. “We don’t have a completion date on it… We don’t know when we will move in either,” he said.

Inside is a work of art. The tiling is being done by an old school friend; the carpentry work, which is detailed, to say the least is evident in the downstairs bathroom, and the electrical and other utility works are being done by professionals.

But the pride on Fabian’s face when he looked at his sons running out the back door, or his eldest behind the wheel of the “bobcat” also told the story of a man who recognises how lucky he is to have a family so closely knit and certainly one in tune with the realities of this current economy.

So as Micah shrugged and laughed when asked what he has helped with, and Timothy stood easily on the outside sipping juice, with mom looking on from the back — the only answer to the question can be that a family that builds together is all the stronger for it.

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