A lot to offer

summercampinspireThe Inspire Design summer camp is comfortable and cosy as a close knit family and Barbados Today has been keeping up with the Fitts Village, St. James home-based institute.

Recently, however, the campers have been spending a lot more time on the road and the sea enjoying much of what the island has to offer.

Director Cassandra Mottley explained this was the fourth year for the camp and she normally has a lot of recommendations for it year-round activities, including at Christmas and Easter.

“They have some really cool birds [at the petting zoo] and the most amazing rabbit called Peter. I have never seen a rabbit so big. When the rabbit gets up on his hind legs he is really tall. What the zoo keeper did is she picked some leaves and she held it high to make him get up on the hind legs and he is nice and fat — I found that quite impressive … They even have a frizzle fowl; I have heard the term [referring] to a female’s hair but it is an actual fowl and it has curly feathers which is one of the prettiest things that I have ever seen,” Mottley said.

The visual arts camp, which offers campers exposure to a variety of craft, features lessons in embroidery, bag- and shoe-making, sculpting and papier mache.

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