Time for model change

The Peoples’ Democratic Congress and the Coalition of Unified Parties of Barbados have called for a new model of development for the country.

And the two parties believe that the new model of development must be people centred, egalitarian and participatory at the same time.

Mark Adamson, who was speaking on behalf of the two organisations at a Press conference at Pizza Man Doc offices on Baxters Road, the City yesterday claimed that at this time it was clear that Barbados was going through a serious political and economic crisis where these issues were juxtaposed with serious social degradation within our communities.

”We have a situation where the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party have been grossly mismanaging the affairs of the country. Some of those people within the BLP and the DLP having gone

to the UWI and other universities have been unable to conceptualise a model of development that contributed to Barbados or the region.

”We spent millions of dollars on these people yet we have not seen one model of development even though this country is crying out for a model of development which is progressive, visionary and nationalist. Within the PDC and the CUP we have evolved models of development for this country at the national level, the sub-national level across various spheres of life of this country. We have envisaged a post taxation society and a coalitional executive arrangement for this country where it will not just be a BLP or a DLP, but will include independent political players at the level of the policy making process. We have also looked at coalitional enterprises on the commercial and business landscape in the country where workers will be partners now in these enterprises. It will also relate to

the government sector. It is highly reprehensible that businesses have to repay their own monies to financial institutions therefore you will see that there was no avoidance of this prolonged recession in Barbados,” Adamson said.

The model of government the PDC and the CUP was proposing was a post taxation one.

He repeated his call for the elimination of interest rates pointing out that in many European countries and in the USA several banks were not charging their customers interest on loans. Many local businesses are downsizing or closing down because interest rates were very exorbitant and prohibitive and this is at the centre of the financial crisis. The CUP holds the principle that money cannot make money nor money can cost money therefore it was offensive where banks retain high interests rates. (NC)

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