The thought that matters

If you are stuck in your life then use the law of attraction to get unstuck by thinking thoughts of what you truly desire.

That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well, here’s the secret — life is simple, if you choose for it to be simple. Use this spirituality information to understand this process.

The process within the process of life that brings our intentions and desires into the physical realm so that we can experience them is the creative process.

As you wake up to a life where you are aware of yourself as a spiritual being who is travelling this plane as an entity known as a human being, you begin to realise that this spiritual being that you truly are is graced with the authentic powers that allow it to create in its physical relative reality virtually anything that it desires to experience, physical or nonphysical, seen or unseen.

If you desire to experience a physical thing, such as a new car, you can create that in your reality and experience it.

If you desire to experience a nonphysical thing, such as the emotional feeling of falling in love with another person, you can create that in your reality and experience it.

As a spirit being disguised in human form there is nothing, seen or unseen, that you cannot experience. Your true nature is unlimited. Your beliefs may be limiting and keep you from experiencing your wildest desires but you can always change your beliefs and allow whatever you desire to flow to you through the powerful and amazing creative process.

The basic creative process that we all possess is the process of thought, word and deed. Everything starts with a thought and every thought we think sets the universe into motion to fulfill that thought.

The kicker is that the desires we want to fulfill and experience must be in alignment with our basic beliefs or our beliefs will trump our desired thought and it will not manifest into our reality.

To trump our beliefs all we need do is think different thoughts about what we believe and develop new beliefs. Once again I like to think of what Albert Einstein said about this.

He said: “You cannot solve the problems you have created by using the same thoughts you used that created them. You must change the way you are thinking and think different thoughts.”

That’s all there is to it. Just think different thoughts. Change your limiting beliefs by thinking different thoughts about the beliefs that you define as limiting. Don’t be attached to those beliefs. Examine them and see if they are serving you.

If they are not serving you then change your beliefs via the mechanism of your thoughts. Think of thoughts that will serve you. Incorporate those thoughts into your belief system and try that experience.

Always keep in mind that the crux of all of life, as you know it, is in the thoughts that you have about life, yourself and what you desire. Examine these thoughts. Analyse them and see if they seem to be serving you.

* Adrian Daisley is Certified Life Coach, Stress Manager and Master Counsellor

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